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  • Business Problem

Business Problem

Reducing Commercial Aviation Fatalities is a Kaggle competition held in 2019. Aviation Fatalities/accidents cause deaths of passengers, aircrew, and complete vehicle damage, etc. Most flight-related fatalities stem from a loss of “airplane state awareness.” That is ineffective attention management on the part of pilots who may be distracted, sleepy, or in other dangerous cognitive states.

A statistical approach to solving the problem

This problem can be solved by a statistical…

Part 1-Setting up system environment.

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Note: I have followed these steps on Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 systems.

before proceeding for actual process our system must have some required libraries as follows:

I. first check whether the system has a ‘protobuf-compiler’ library in the ubuntu system by hitting ‘protoc — version’ command in a terminal if you get the result “libprotoc 3.0.0" you are ready to jump for the main process, but if in case it fails to show version then install protobuf-compiler by using

sudo apt install protobuf-compiler’

if you still face any version compatibility issue for protoc then…

Sahil Chachere

Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

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